Top Home Security Systems of 2024

We have been reviewing and testing security systems for several years. We choose the best systems based on affordability, smart home integrations, flexibility, and reliability each year.

Top Home Security Overall - ADT

ADT Home Security Systems
SecureScore™: 9.5/10
  • Well priced wireless and hardwired systems
  • Total smart home automation and home security
  • The money-back-guarantee is one of the best in the industry
  • Nearly a hundred and fifty years of security innovation

Top for Convenience and Installation - Cove

Cove Security
SecureScore™: 9.4/10
  • The monthly pricing averages at about $25
  • Cellular backing and professional monitoring is given with each system
  • Google Assistant and Alexa integrations are present

Top Automation and Home Security - SimpliSafe

SecureScore™: 9.3/10
  • Excellent value for money home security system
  • Great home automation abilities
  • A simple DIY setup that takes little time
  • Top of the class customer support team

Our Home Security System Picks

Comparison of the Top Home Security Systems

System ADT Cove SimpliSafe Vivint Alder Security Brinks Home Security Frontpoint abode
Ranking 1st View Plans 2nd View Plans 3rd View Plans 4th View Plans 5th View Plans 6th View Plans 7th View Plans 8th View Plans
Ratings 9.5/10
Top Overall
Top Convenience and Installation
Top Automation
Top Pro Install
Top Response Times
Top for DIY installation
Top No Contract
Top No Monthly Fee
Installation Type DIY/Pro DIY DIY Pro DIY DIY DIY DIY
Contract 3 Years Monthly Monthly 3.5 Years 3 Years 3 Years Monthly Monthly
Price $100 $130 $200 $600 $41 $350 $120 $180
Monthly Plan $29 $15 $15 $30 $41 $40- $50 $35 $21

A Detailed List of the Best Home Alarm Systems 2024

1. ADT - Best Home Security Overall

SecureScore™: 9.5/10
  • High-quality devices
  • Pro installation
  • Needs long-term contract
  • Customer support is hit-or-miss
We thought that it was very convenient that we could utilize the high-end control panels of the system through the ADT Pulse app. The systems guarded against robberies, automated the house, and provided environmental alerts. Also, we liked the medical alert devices monitored by the company. This was great to know if any of our loved ones needed medical assistance.

2.Cove Security - Fastest Response Favorite

SecureScore™: 9.4/10
  • Can decide to pay nothing at the start
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Monthly fees needed
  • Professional monitoring is obligatory
One of the ways we saved money with this system was by installing the whole system ourselves. The company pre-programmed the system before shipping it to us. Once it came, we stuck the sensors on the walls through the 3M-backed adhesives. We contacted the customer support of Cove to see that all the sensors were working correctly. This made the installation take a little more time. But, you can set up a Cove system in thirty minutes if you do not want the extra confirmation. The average customer installs the system in a similar amount of time. This is a simple home security system to install and, to top it off, free to install.

3. SimpliSafe - Best Home Security and Automation

SecureScore™: 9.7/10
  • Very affordable monitoring plans
  • Swiftest installation of any security system
  • Restricted home automation abilities
  • The expensive up-front cost of equipment
TThe company has made it affordable to set up a home alarm system on our own. We were able to get environmental and security protection quickly. The total cost for the cheapest system was under three hundred dollars. Professional monitoring starts at nearly fifteen dollars per month and is not compulsory. You can instead go for DIY monitoring, which is always available with the free mobile app. Overall, the costs of this home security system are lower than that of firms such as ADT. It is one of the best options for no-contract home security.

4. Vivint - Best Pro Installation

SecureScore™: 9.3/10
  • Free pro installation
  • Lifetime warranty on devices and equipment
  • Service and equipment is more costly than most
  • You need a long-term contract
The company monitored and installed the wireless security system. We opted for basic environmental and security protection. Home automation with voice commands made this firm stand out for us. Vivint works with several top smart home assistants such as Alexa and Google Home to create a fully autonomous house. Many company customers were homeowners with lengthy security contracts, and the majority gave the brand great reviews. If you are looking for bargains for devices from the brand, do not miss their fall sale. It has free pro installation and a gift card to purchase any new system. But even without this deal, it is one of the best home security systems you can buy.

5. Alder Security - Best Security System for Response Times

SecureScore™: 8.9/10
  • Trial period of a month
  • Swift installation
  • Not many device choices
  • Contracts of three years
All the Alder home security systems, including ours, came with round-the-clock pro monitoring. The brand did things differently than several other systems that we looked at as well. Their response times were a lot faster than the other companies we researched, with a typical time of under four seconds. Every second is important in hostage situations and home invasions, so we felt very safe in finding out that assistance was only a few seconds away.

6. Brinks Home Security - Best DIY Home Security System

SecureScore™: 8.5/10
  • Optional pro monitoring
  • Free phone support and DIY installation
  • Costly pro monitoring
  • Contracts of three years
We really enjoy DIY installation because it does not cost anything. Still, with this system, we got assistance over the phone anyway, without shelling out any money. Also, if we had opted for the Smart Security Ultimate pack, we would have got pro installation for free. When we installed the Brinks home system, we spoke on the phone with an expert who assisted us with every step of the whole process. After setting up the system, we did a fake alarm call and covered how the system functions. The whole process took us about half an hour. It was actually pleasant, as far as home security setup goes.

7. Frontpoint - Best No Contract Home Security System

SecureScore™: 8.8/10
  • Swift DIY setup only takes a few minutes
  • Complete automation and home security system
  • Prone to false alarms
  • It needs a lengthy contract
The company sold security systems with DIY setup and pro monitoring that we found impressive. We enjoyed that all the DIY systems supported home automation, environmental protection, and burglary prevention. We could order it online or through the phone, and the sales agents were very low pressure. They gave us the cheapest security system, which cost less than a hundred dollars. All the devices were portable and wireless, making them ideal for renters.

8. abode - Best No Monthly Fee Home Security System

SecureScore™: 7.9/10
  • All-in-one home automation platform
  • Flexible monitoring options with no contracts
  • Device updates and add-ons get costly
  • Needs up-front purchase of devices
The brand was one of the top security firms that helped us monitor the activities for free. We liked that we could access all the mobile app functionalities without any paid service. We had the choice between very short-term and long-term contracts also. If we went away for a long weekend, we could order a couple of days of pro monitoring. We purchased our devices through the official website. It was the only location where it was present. We created a high-quality system for home automation, environmental monitoring, and security alerts. Also, we utilized the option for voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.