ADT-Monitored Home Security Review

This company has stood the test of time and now offers smart home automation.
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ADT has been a very trusted brand in the home security industry for a long time. This makes it one of the earliest home security firms in existence. It gives multiple home monitoring packages and security systems to be sure they have the right system for their houses. With uninterrupted professional monitoring services, the brand gives users peace of mind knowing that their houses are protected at all times.
  • Money back guarantee of half a year
  • A varied selection of smart home devices
  • Three-year contract needed
  • Cannot do the installation on own

ADT at a Glance

The company has been active in the industry for nearly a hundred and fifty years. More than eighty years ago, the firm created the first automated burglar alarm system. A decade ago, it started a combined home security and automation system called ADT Pulse. They have continued to revamp this to give great security. As the top residential security firm in the nation, ADT has a huge number of security monitoring locations where professionals monitor the home security systems around the clock to assist in any emergency. Because the brand has a great security experience and a huge network of monitoring centers, both renters and homeowners trust it to secure their houses. Many publications have picked the brand as the top professional monitoring security firm on their latest lists of the best home security organizations. The brand gives many home security monitoring plans and equipment packages. The monitoring ranges from thirty dollars to sixty dollars per month. The equipment packages are from nine dollars to fifteen dollars per week. ADT requires professional installation and a long-term contract, so working with the company is not necessarily the most budget-friendly option. But to many users, the peace of mind that tags along with working with a professional and reputable security firm are well worth the extra cost.

Fine Print

Each of the three security packages of the firm needs an installation charge of about a hundred dollars and a three-year monitoring contract. On the plus side, the firm has a half-year money-back guarantee if your mind changes or you are not satisfied with the overall service. The company also has an extended warranty. It is called a Quality Service Plan. This comes with all online purchases and can be combined with any package for seven dollars per month. It gives service at no extra cost if the components of your system need to be repaired in some time.

Plan Pricing

The pricing of a home security plan has many elements, including activation, installation, monitoring, and equipment. The professional monitoring costs of the brand do not include the price of the equipment. The home security plans of the brand are called basic, smart home, and smart and video home. These plans have high-quality home security elements, but a few have more components than the other plans. The basic plan has round-the-clock professional monitoring, communication with the customer monitoring centers of the brand through cellular networks, and complete access to the brand's mobile app. This plan costs about thirty dollars per month. For forty-six dollars per month, you will get everything present in the basic plan plus several home automation features in the Smart Home plan. And for sixty dollars per month, you will get the Smart and Video Home package, which has all of the previously mentioned components with the additional features of recording motion-activated clips and live video surveillance.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

If you want security devices such as sensors and cameras, the company has a broad range of devices that you can opt for. The company gives several home security component packages with smart switches, security cameras, motion sensors, and smart home equipment. The packages build off each other. Starting with the basics, the essentials plan has window decals, yard signs, a wireless keychain remote, backup battery, alarm siren, an infrared motion sensor, a few window and door sensors, a digital keypad, and alarm monitoring. The essentials plan begins from ten dollars per week. The total protection plan costs a couple of dollars more. It has everything in the essential package and a service that helps communicate with the Customer Monitoring Centers using cellular networks. This acts as a backup when your telephone service is disconnected in an emergency. The premium protection plan of the brand gives more security with everything present in the total protection package with the added bonus of ADT Pulse. This connects security monitoring to home automation. This helps you manage and monitor the smart devices and system remotely, with the help of the mobile app. This package is priced at under fifteen dollars per week.

Video Storage

The video cameras help you monitor your house when you are not present. And often, unauthorized persons will run away when they spot one. If any crime does happen, the security video camera captures valuable footage that serves as evidence in the court of law. The company gives monitored security cameras with plans that include ADT Pulse. The firm gives unlimited security camera storage to store and record clips. But the clips are limited to half a minute.


The company trains the technicians to install the security system properly. So, any DIY installation is not needed. Any professional installation depends on the equipment and packages that you buy. Any certified ADT security advisor will come to your home to discuss the security options and inspect the house to determine the chance to develop a custom security plan. The technicians will then install the components of the system, and the advisor will get back to ensure everything will function properly. The professional installation makes the brand a good choice for people who do not want to worry about themselves. If you are not comfortable with any kind of tech, the brand will take care of the entire details for you.

Smartphone Controls and Smart Home Integration

The firm has a smartphone app that helps users monitor their home security remotely and manage the automation devices, such as lights and smart thermostats. The firm's platform that assists you in integrating the features with the security system is called the ADT Command and Control. It supports more than a hundred devices and has geofencing tech that generates alerts and automation to trigger events, such as controlling the living room lights before leaving for work. The company works with Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, and Google Assistant. You can request either assistant to disarm or arm the system or control the thermostats, locks, or smart lights. This helps you lock the door without bothering to get out of bed or disarm the system from the other room if there is any false alarm.

The sensors

All the sensors come together to assist you in monitoring the house completely, no matter the situation. They can also assist in developing a really responsive living situation if you find the time to automate it, where opening the front door triggers the coffee maker or locking the doors turns on the porch light. The company's sensors are priced competitively against some other pro-installed and monitored systems. The CO detectors, smoke detectors, and glass break sensors cost the same as its closest rivals. The motion detectors are less expensive, and the flood sensors are more expensive.


ADT is one of the top home security firms in the industry and one of the oldest. If you want a reputable firm and money is not a big issue for you, the brand is a great choice. The users love the company for the peace of mind it gives them knowing that the brand keeps their houses safe. But, if you are on a tight budget, you can skip the brand. Their monthly plans are priced higher than the industry average. While you can get cheaper plans, you may not find equal quality in other devices and systems.